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Firstborn seems to have received a generous helping of dramatic flair at birth; she’s a natural thespian, an undying lover of the theatre arts. She’s learning that being a true champion of theatre means applauding each facet of the production– not every player gets the spotlight, every time. Onstage and behind the scenes, each role is vital to the success of the show. In addition to participating in local theatre productions and classes, she’s becoming an enthusiastic attendee and most recently enjoyed a local high-school production at Salem’s stunning and historic Elsinore Theatre with a fellow thespian-bestie.

The interior’s magnificent– the auditorium resplendent and formal, the foyer modeled after a medieval castle, a labyrinth of grand staircases, balconies, alcoves, stained glass, and murals of famous scenes from Shakespeare. (The theatre itself is named after a city and castle from Hamlet.) I couldn’t have timed our visit better if I’d tried, with our chronological history studies most recently arriving –and lingering– in the Middle Ages.

When I was growing up in Salem, the Elsinore was used as a regular movie theater… I specifically recall seeing Ghostbusters 2, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, Honey I Blew Up the Baby, and Dumb and Dumber there, in addition to countless productions of the Nutcracker ballet.

Not to be missed, the several stories tall mural on the backside of the theater is an iconic downtown landmark. When Firstborn was tiny she was convinced Cleopatra, center, was Janna, a dear friend of mine who does bear a certain resemblance to Liz Taylor’s likeness.

I’m grateful Firstborn’s growing up in a community with a thriving theatre scene, where she can form a troupe of her own and pursue this interest that certainly enriches and enchants her education. Theatre’s bolstered her confidence while providing an outlet for all of that innate teen drama– praised be.

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