What to Read Wednesday: Bibliophile Edition

I love all books, but well-worn vintage books? They’re my favorite. I have quite the collection, I just can’t quit them… The history, the heft in my hands, displacement of air, they leave an invisible indent in their wake, inky print a flag in the ground stating silently, assuredly, “I was here.” I love brittle, yellow pages all freckled with shadows of fingertips, frayed traces of unknown adventures. I love the rows of my own faithful assembly, ever standing at attention, uniform in posture they anchor space and greet me warmly, ambassadors to individual worlds, a united nations of story. I love how they muffle the surrounding circus to a pleasing, steady hum, slowing the pulse upon submersion beneath the pages.

scored these gorgeous vintage volumes, to my delight & Husband’s chagrin #needmorebookshelves

Together, aloud, the kids and I are reading book three of The Mysterious Benedict Society, “The Prisoner’s Dilemma.” As with any great series (Narnia, Percy Jackson, Little House, Harry Potter, Tolkien) we’re immersed in the fiction, the characters and story have hijacked our homeschool.

The riveting tale has inspired and expanded our studies by way of morse code, spy techniques, and more…

listening to their dad in his office through the wall, with the aid of glasses against ears
my grandma brought over one of my grandfather’s old telegraph keys
writing with lemon juice, homemade invisible ink

Nervous and bespectacled hero George “Sticky” Washington’s ability to memorize facts instantaneously, in entirety, and without error, as though mentally snapping a photo, reminded me of real-life speaker, teacher, and innovator Temple Grandin… Naturally, we derailed for a bit to study her.

such a terrific book, click pic for link

The 2010 film starring Claire Danes is perfectly suitable for children, entertaining, and enlightening; plus, it’s presently streaming on Amazon.

we bring the books along everywhere we go

I just finished The Awakening of Miss Prim, a lovely, feel-good “girlie” novel… I found the main character’s name, Prudencia Prim, epithetical & alliterative– like The Mysterious Benedict Society’s Constance Contraire, which led to a fun afternoon of brainstorming other such monikers with my pupils.

I’m presently reading the modern dystopian classic, Fahrenheit 451. I intend to watch the new film soon, which was all ablaze (<–see what I did there?) at Cannes this year.

still prefer to read stretched out, feline, in a sunbeam

I also picked up Nick Offerman’s new book for Husband, intending it to be a Father’s Day gift, buuuuut I couldn’t wait and gave it to him early. In truth, can’t wait until he finishes so I can read it, m’self. 

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