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versatile-blogger-award-trophyCan you believe it? I’ve been awarded with a Versatile Blogger Award nomination. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I’ll take it!

Clever Carly, from Africa To America nominated me, and you already know how I feel about her. A true gem, that girl is.

There are official rules and everything, including honoring 15 other blogs that “bring something special to your life”. Per protocol, the author of each blog is to also share 7 facts about themselves.

So let’s pretend we’re out to coffee, chatting it up in the comfy chairs. You know the ones. This leads me to my first confession:

1) Here’s what I would order: a small, decaf americano with a splash of coconut syrup & coconut milk. I will reluctantly take soy if they don’t have coconut milk, I don’t do dairy. Soy is genetically modified, almond milk tastes like metal (I’m allergic), rice milk tastes like dirt and hemp milk tastes like licking a lawn-mower blade. Coconut is my signature. I use coconut oil both to cook and moisturize with. My shampoo is always, always coconut scented– to the extent that Handsome Hubs used to believe that all women’s hair products were coconut scented. Bless him.

2) Had someone asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have brazenly informed them that I aspired to be a back-up singer. An African-American backup singer. Forget the spotlight, I just want to doo-wop and sway in the periphery– and perhaps shake a tambourine. Think: The Supremes. I’m still a little peeved it didn’t work out…

3) I gave birth to both of my sweet daughters without any drugs/epidural. I just knew no matter how bad it got, I would never request a gigantic shot in the back. I actually loved giving birth, such an amazing and empowering privilege. Though it was indeed laborious and less than pleasant (Thanks, Eve.) it also just felt right… like my body was accomplishing something it was precisely designed for. Overcome with the typical rush of hormones and endorphins, immediately after my firstborn came into the world I sat up and threw my arms into a touchdown, proclaiming loudly, in delirium, that I rocked. With an expletive. Buck naked. Midwives, nurses, and the on call doctor erupted into laughter along with my astonished husband. Way to ruin the sacred moment. For the record, I do NOT make it a habit of speaking in such a manner.

4) Some of my best friends call me Snow White, because I love, love, love all critters– and my last name is White. The last time I gutted a fish, I sobbed. I was sixteen. (From then on, my blood thirsty sister- and later my tolerant husband- would graciously do the dirty work for me.) Our urban farm is home to four chickens, one kitten, a guinea pig & two frogs. The girls and I regularly visit the animal shelter whereupon I text photos of sad critters to my Husband at work, begging to bring them home. I can’t wait until we move to a farm and I can reclaim my beloved beagle, Titus (we married him off, he still lives in Oregon), and adopt for him a playmate. We also hope to have goats and more chickens… and probably more cats to deal with the prolific Montana mice. The first cold snap of this year brought several scurrying into our house and I refused to kill the darling bitty rodents. Instead, we purchased a live trap and released them. Still, I was elated when Handsome Hubs shot his first buck this year, providing our family with organic, local, free-range meat free of hormones & antibiotics.


5) I once fell face first down a massive flight of wooden decking stairs while showing a house. I was juggling my cell phone, lockbox keycard, listing paperwork, car keys and sunglasses, so I didn’t have hands free to catch myself. My client swung around and caught me at the bottom (I was much more petite back then…) before I hit the pavement, but not before I tore up my legs and split my dress-suit right up the entire back seam. Let’s just say my undergarments were not conducive to such a getup. I was bloodied, bruised, mortified, and exposed, yet quickly drove to my sister’s nearby house, slipped on some pants, and finished showing him property. I wound up selling him the house next door to ours.

6) I’m seriously considering getting dreadlocks in my hair. I love them. I only wait because they’re quite spendy (for someone who has her husband trim her hair in the backyard) and I’m not sure how it would go over in China. I’ve always loved them, but been too afraid to wear them, myself, for fear of what other people would think. There was a time that I regularly scorched my skin in tanning beds, paid good money to have chemicals seep into my scalp to tint my hair, sported fake nails, and donned heels & suits everyday. A young professional out to prove myself, I drove a fancy car and worried too much about my image. I’m thankful that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin and less concerned with impressing others.


small ones, just like Camilla Belle’s in that caveman movie

7) I would love to move overseas. A couple years ago we sold most of our belongings and rented out our house to chase this dream. Alas, it didn’t work out (we chose one of the most difficult countries on the planet to pursue), but it’s still on our list. In the meantime, we intend to explore more of the US.  It’s important to us that our children see as much of the world as possible. I should be banned from watching House-Hunters International  and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods (my favorite shows), as they ever leave me pining for adventure abroad.

Now, onto the 15 bloggers that I find to be most versatile. It’s kind of redundant from my recent What I’m Reading post, but it’s still fun. And I love these blogs/bloggers. Many are adoption related, several are not. 

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Thanks again, Carly, for recognizing this blog! 




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