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This week’s installment of What to Read Wednesday will be regretfully brief as I am presently adrift in a sea of cardboard, actively boxing all our earthly possessions for our upcoming move.

Our theme is books about books, or libraries; and I couldn’t help but think of our pal Klaus Beaudelaire… Bibliophile, bookworm, researcher, etymologist– Klaus is a literary character after my own heart, always keen to read and learn, a virtual walking thesaurus. It just so happens we’re more than half way through our local library’s copy of the thirteenth and final book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. We’re rotating between reading and packing, racing against the clock to finish and return this last loaner from our beloved Bozeman Public Library before heading westward Saturday morning.

I heartily endorsed Lemony Snicket’s delightful series previously, but failed to mention that throughout the pages of each book there are several libraries featured: the Beaudelaire’s own library, a reptilian library, a library of grammatical books, a beautifully furnished but empty library, a hidden/forbidden library, a mycological library, the charred remains of a renowned library, an underwater library, and a secret underground library– can you even handle it?!

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