Sayonara Montana

We’re going to miss Montana. This move is bittersweet in that while we’re resolute about returning home for this next season of family life, we’ll certainly miss Big Sky Country and many of it’s inhabitants. It’s been a beautiful oasis in which to homeschool, homestead, simplify, adopt, and adventure.

gonna miss this view
fave feature of our countryside home– the pond behind our house

The land is where are roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth. -Maria Montessori

It’s been an emotionally exhausting last few weeks full of tearful goodbyes… We squeezed in last minute sleepovers, park playdates, and extra field trips. The kids enjoyed their last Awana, last session of speech with Little Man’s beloved therapist, and the girls’ last gymnastics. Little Man’s preschool gave him a gwuten-fwee going away party, and Firstborn’s choir pals put together a pizza party at a park. We enjoyed several “last suppers” with friends, and amazingly three families are already planning their trips out to visit! It helps that Portland is so fun.

firstborn’s pals put together a pizza party at a park, and showered her with gifts including a tiara & feather boa

My folks flew in to drive us home (Grandma was a surprise!) even though it was my dad’s birthday. We celebrated him & the 3rd anniversary of being a family of five with a traditional Montana cowboy dinner.

a final steak dinner before leaving montana

Several of our incredible neighbors ran over for last minute hugs, the wonderful family next door thoughtfully gifted us treats for the road, and our adopted aunties on the other side gave us the loveliest gift basket and put us up for our last night so we wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor and forgo showers before a 13 hour drive.

precious parting gift from a precious friend

Packing, cleaning, and loading… oh my!

having the septic tank pumped, you’re welcome buyers*

Dorothy, my childhood dolly whom my mom made when I was 1 & stepmom dressed in my clothes when I was 12. she lived atop my bed & gave my much older sister recurring nightmares. now she lives in a box as everyone is terrified of her. we only ever unearth her when we move.

I was the lucky one to pilot the minivan full of critters: 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, & 2 bunnies… only missing a partridge in a pear tree

photo cred: tall cathy with a c

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*Realtor tip: If purchasing a home with a septic tank, always request the sellers have it pumped before closing… think about it.


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