Last Weeks in Montana

This week has been especially fun-filled, what with Saint Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, and Spring Break on the calendar. We’re making an effort to squeeze every last drop of fun from Bozeman before heading westward for our upcoming big move.

We will miss homeschooling here.

Relocation can be hard on kids in general, but might especially trigger issues unique to adoption. Just like with our last move, the Little Man-Cave will be the last room to be boxed up and the first to unpack.

packing does have its perks

Observed our favorite mathematical holiday. (Pi Day 3.14)

Hosted two sleepover/playdates with traditionally-schooled local chums.

another tween-ish playdate: target, starbucks, & mall ftw

Mermaiding with besties in a nearby lagoon.

color your hard boiled eggs with markers? why the heck not
if you look close you can see humpty dumpty is posing as joker
little man attended a co-ed “fancy nancy” birthday party for his pal at school, and happily dressed the part
though he wasn’t too keen on this Oregon ducks ensemble. perhaps he’s more of a beaver fan? #futureoregonian

Chicks arrived at our local farm store, a springtime highlight. We’ll keep a small flock again after settling in the new house (will avoid neighborhoods with stringent HOA’s this go-round); I seriously considered bringing a few back with us, as Montana breeds tend to be hardier & lay year-round versus taking winter off. I resisted, though, since as it stands my Father’s already slated to pilot back a minivan containing two cats, two guinea pigs, and two bunnies –on his birthday, God bless him.

stumbled upon a poetic snapshot of tweendom & had to document: dolly amidst electronics
fleshing out their anatomy studies (<–see what I did there?) w/a fun new board game, “Organ Attack”
Garfield loves Yoda

Took the most incredible field trip, touring a local chocolatier and observing the masterful craft he learned as a child from his mother & grandmother in Paris and perfected alongside his American wife, whom the operation is named for. *swoon*

Like true nerdy homeschoolers we eagerly doubled back & pulled over after spying a dead PORCUPINE in a field.

That’s our week in a nutshell… Celtic music on repeat all day, corned beef & cabbage on the menu tonight, plus Beauty & the Beast in the theater tomorrow!

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