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Earth Day falls on a busy week again this year: We’re celebrating Husband’s and Firstborn’s birthdays, have a choir concert & drama production (plus dress rehearsals), plus two t-ball games on the calendar– in addition to our regularly scheduled programming. Still, teaching the kiddos to be good stewards of God’s creation is essential, and all it takes is adding some carefully curated book selections to our regular daily reading to mark Earth Day as special.

We live in Oregon, where from a tender age we’re indoctrinated with the holy trinity of reducing, reusing, and recycling… I’ve been known to rifle through many a trash can to save items from the landfill, and just last week when our neighbor hacked down several large, healthy trees from his property the kids and I congregated in angst, gnashing teeth and threatening to chain ourselves around the doomed trunks, in protest.


Lauren Child and Mercer Mayer are favorites in our house, and both The Lorax and Fern Gully also boast wonderful film adaptations. Try Avatar for older kids. 

In previous years we’ve organized trash pick-up efforts, but as every day is earth day this year we’ll wait for a less hectic window on the master schedule.

Some fun Earth Day treats:

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