A Christmas (Baking) Miracle



Three ingredients, Friends. Just three ingredients, and eight minutes at 350′, and even the Scroogiest of Ebenezers can resemble a real-life Betty Crocker.

I jest… kinda. You might recall I’m not a baker.

Still, there’s nothing like the Yuletide season to muster a Christmas miracle. My Auntie recently passed along the simplest recipe in the history of ever for these scrumdiddlyumptious peanut butter cookies. DID I MENTION THEY ARE GLUTEN FREE*?

1C peanut butter

1C sugar

1 egg

Mix. Roll. Bake. Top with a Hershey kiss (okay, four ingredients) for bonus cool points, like both my mom and mother-in-law always did to next-level their own peanut-butter cookies.

three ingredient peanut butter cookie gluten free

three ingredient gluten free peanut butter cookie

Pretty sure they are this year’s Peppermint Bark. Thanks for making me look good, Auntie! 

*Little Man, aforementioned Auntie, and her daughter/my cousin are gluten-free

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