Saint Helen’s Valentines

Everyone agrees, Great Grandma Schafer was a saint. Patient and gentle, loving and kind, she was a joyful delight and a pillar of peace… I might be biased, but she really ought to be canonized alongside our favorites: Patrick, Nicholas, Lucia, & Valentine.

Evidently, she also loved Valentine’s Day. Her stash of hand-crafted valentines from primary-school days in the 1920’s were among the many treasures she’d unearth to share with me and my MUCH OLDER sister. Each intricate and unique, a 3-dimensional pop-up was a standout. Another was especially clever, the perfect cursive tediously penned backwards into a mirror image.

center sister gave it a pre-valentien trial run with her recent correspondence

This year, we’re invoking Grandma Schafer’s creative genius for the kids’ Valentine greetings. It felt almost like an upside-down, right-brain drawing exercise. To decipher, recipients should hold their letters up to a mirror to reveal the message plainly.

We love Valentines Day, and any excuse to send mail to our pen-pals.

Last year’s Valentine: My Funny Valentine

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