Chinese New Year 2018 (Year of the Dog)

Xin Nian Kaui Le! We rang in the Year of the Dog last night with a proper Chinese feast.

As a bi-racial, adoptive family it’s important for us to honor Little Man’s birth culture, but any family can broaden their international festivities by celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Hong bao (red envelopes) for the kiddos, filled with one gold chocolate coin and one US dollar coin. It’s customary to gift an even number, but never four as the word is similar to the Chinese word for death.

This year’s menu was actually multi-cultural: Mandarin Chicken, Thai Peanut Pork, Singapore Shrimp Noodles, Broccoli Beef & Pineapple Fried Rice…

… plus mandarin sherbet (mandarins are often exchanged at New Year’s, a symbol of good luck & prosperity) and fortune cookies for dessert. My brother-in-law next door said he could smell the aroma of onion, garlic, and ginger wafting over as early as mid-morning. I actually enjoy spending the entire day in the kitchen prepping, realizing I’m doing so in tandem alongside millions of fellow women around the world.

buddha beer & jasmine tea

Both Husband and the State of Oregon have outlawed flying lanterns, so we did some simple sparklers in the front yard again, instead.

many of us wore donned the customary red and many of us are expert-level photo-bombers

If you missed celebrating last night don’t fret– Lunar New Year is celebrated for a week! Simplifying things further, one could even just grab some take-out and watch the Olympics.

Chinese New Years past: Year of the Horse, Year of the Ram, Year of the Monkey, Year of the Rooster

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