Olympic-Inspired Geography Fair

Who’s excited for the Olympics? We are! The Winter Games commenced last night, but we’re especially excited for the Parade of Nations in the opening ceremonies tonight. Feeling internationally inspired, we used the global festivities as an excuse to host another Geography Fair. Like last year’s, it was super simple– homeschool chums each selecting a country to present a report on.

Each pupil gathered their own research, crafted compelling visual aids, and presented an oral report to their peers in corresponding costume before enjoying some international cuisine and socializing.

God bless the Dollar Tree forever and ever, amen. 

We opted for store-bought kimchi for South Korea, but Husband’s recipe remains the favorite around here. Vegemite is not something we’ll try again, thankyouverymuch.

With Japan, Finland, Canada, France, Mexico, Scotland, Australia, Lapland, South Korea, Norway, & Germany represented it was a veritable United Nations celebrating cultures from all corners of the world.

Last year’s Mock UN Geography Fair (they’ve grown so much!):

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  2. lisahealy Avatar

    I loved this post! It reminds me of so many of the things we’ve done around here, but with a bit more responsibility for the older kids. I know my Gv will have fun doing something like this when she gets a bit older! Also, I chose this for my feature this week! #FridayFrivolity

    1. Thanks Lisa! I have seen yours also but couldn’t figure out how to comment (#greatminds) thanks for the feature! ❤️

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