Golden Girl



Center Sister celebrated her Golden Birthday over the weekend– she turned thirteen on the thirteenth and officially became a teenager.

We hosted a simple outdoor movie night (in the garage, due to intermitent rain showers) and a few of her pals stayed the night. After social distancing for so long it was a blessing to celebrate together. I mused to my own mom that the kids’ birthday parties are organically becoming less complicated and requiring very little of me– I suppose an allegory for parenting, in general. 

Firstborn lovingly baked her coffee-flavored cupcakes (with coffee-flavored frosting, decaf naturally); crafting birthday desserts for each other has become a bit of a tradition for these best-friend-sisters. 

We are so grateful to be parents to this girl who’s as good as gold, and are tremendously proud of the shining young woman she’s becoming.


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