June Bug

I can’t believe it’s June already.

June is always a busy month in our house. The busiest of the year, now that we quietly celebrate Christmas far from our hometown, each December.

In addition to our wedding anniversary and Father’s day, we also celebrate a marathon of birthdays. Our second daughter and I share the birth-month with my youngest brother (who, along with my youngest sister, also graduated high-school this June), a Bestie, and a gaggle of young ones, including Chet, Judah, Benja, Leo & Sophia.  We also recognize our third daughter, in Heaven, on her June birthday.

photo 2 (42)
happy birthday 6th birthday to our angel baby

It’s typical, then, that we would squeeze Little Man’s surgery onto the crowded calendar this June. We are excited yet anxious about his upcoming procedures. We head westward this upcoming weekend, and along with the necessary gear for our extended Oregon stay we are loading the Sexy Minivan with birthday, graduation and house-warming gifts to distribute. Two of our best-friends are also moving this month.

Back to our youngest daughter, we celebrated her seventh year last night with a few of her sweet friends. As always, the party planning/prep was some of the best part…

Little Sister is semi-obsessed with mermaids (just like myself at her age, thank you Daryl Hannah), and we were happy to oblige her with a mermaid-themed pool party at our beloved, nearby hot springs.

photo 5 (15)
fun unconventional invites, and an excuse to practice penmanship (hashtag, homeschool)
photo 3 (41)
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting– that’s my girl

photo 2 (45)

photo 5 (20)
oysters w/pearls in sand, thank you pintrest
photo 2 (44)
custom labels for mermaid “ocean water”

photo 4 (28)

photo 3 (40)
nibbles of crayola never hurt anybody
photo 5 (18)
our little mermaid
photo 5 (19)
several mermaid sightings at the hot springs that day

I’ll confess, the birthday festivities were a welcome distraction from our sweet boy’s impending operation. Now that the party is behind us, I may very well lose my mind and revert to obsessive, nervous cleaning… Husband loves this quirk of mine. Please pray for our travel (four states with three kids, oy!), for the hands of the surgeons, for a swift and complete recovery, and for peace for us through it all.


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