Lovelies Lately

The bulk of our collective mental bandwidth of late has been preoccupied with our impending move back to the Pacific Northwest. The appraisal and inspection have been completed, and we’re starting to box up our belongings in preparation for an April Fools’ Day moving day. (poetic)

A precious Montana pal commissioned this lovely custom canvas of our family from Worth the Wait Creations, and promptly rendered me to mush.

will be a lovely addition to our new home & forever remind me of our friends in montana

Speaking of Montana, one thing we’ll miss is the scores of deer that descend upon the field behind our house every evening at dusk. Firstborn found this incredible antler shed just behind our fence recently.

Garfield and Mao will surely miss the proximity to abundant wildlife, as well. Their final season tally for last year’s hunting kills were 29 and 21, respectively.

Getting Gumpy ready for the long trek back to his homeland by way of some practice car-rides. (He’s a native Oregonian, too!)

One thing I won’t miss is the ban on chickens in our countryside neighborhood. I can’t wait to keep a small flock again once we move. (see spelling sentence #4, below)

We enjoyed another excuse to don costumes, Global Dress-up Night at Awana wherein the kiddos represented Mongolia, Kenya, & Switzerland. Our fearsome Mongolian warrior had second thoughts about his mustache just as I snapped the photo; I think it makes him look especially tough.

We also enjoyed our first Mardi Gras celebration, however simple. Firstborn found baby Jesus in the King Cake.

For Dr. Seuss’ birthday we had a simple tea party with four fellow Barbaloots, featuring requisite green eggs & ham, plus truffula tree cupcakes and Lorax clementines.

While learning about the integumentary system in anatomy, the girls completed an experiment demonstrating how our nerves sense changes in temperature versus temperature itself.

hot on the left, cold on the right, warm in the middle

Center Sister & Daddy recreated this old throwback of her procuring her first library card when she was just two years old and knee-high to a grasshopper.

…And on the matter of throwbacks, check out this gem of Firstborn sporting our beloved late Grandma Norah’s spectacles, thereby uncannily resembling myself at the same age. Does my heart good to catch such a glimpse of Grandma’s apartment in the background.

Two more throwbacks, of me and my much older sister… Sure wish I still had the I <3 Alex tee that I scored at a Mariner’s game in high-school.

don’t be jealous of our fanny packs

A couple other randos:

feline or potato bug?
this slug bug is perfection

That’s our Weekly Wrap-Up… Cheers to the weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up