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Warning! File this under the label: Topics Devoid of Even the Slightest Semblance of Eternal Significance, and brace your haughty eyes. I love the Oscars. With mere minutes until the ceremony begins, I thought I’d record my ‘pinions on this year’s award nominees. One of my besties likens it to her Super Bowl, and I couldn’t agree more. We will be live texting throughout the evening, to be sureOnce again, I’ve watched almost every film nominated, and I’m just not sorry. Without further ado, here’s my two cents…

Best Picture:

I missed Call Me By Your Name and Phantom Thread (will remedy), but I think I might be the only person alive who didn’t love The Shape of Water. I get that it’s a throwback to campy horror films of the past, but I felt it was gratuitous in parts. *ahem* I expect it will win, but it’s not my pick. Darkest Hour was surprisingly riveting, despite dry subject matter– see the next category for my rationale. Dunkirk was a sweeping epic, but somewhat on the slow side. (I especially enjoyed watching that one whilst reading The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie & Literary Society.) Get Out was SOOOOO good, just brilliantly done– see my vote for Best Director for my reasoning. Lady Bird was lovely, so heartwarming, so real– I felt tangible solidarity in the parenting struggle. The Post was consistent, good, but not breathtaking. That leaves Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO, which was my favorite; a film with the most incredibly talented cast and a story shockingly ripe with hope and redemption.

Best Actor: I still haven’t seen Phantom Thread, Call Me By Your Name, or Roman J. Israel, Esq. … both Daniel Kaluuya and Gary Oldman were phenoms in their roles, but I think Gary got the dryer material, which makes me think he’s the front runner.

Best Actress: I did see every performance in this category, and though I grew up on the Tonya Harding scandal living in Oregon in the early 90’s and think Margot Robbie is SUPER talented and underrated, Frances McDormand or Sally Hawkins should win. (Have you seen Sally Hawkins in Maudie? Do this immediately.)

Best Supporting Actor: The only performance I missed in this category was Christopher Plummer’s. My vote goes to Sam Rockwell for his amazing portrayal in Three Billboards. Sidenote: Willem Dafoe was great, as always, but The Florida Project was soooo depressing.

Best Supporting Actress: I still haven’t seen Mudbound, but I’m all about Allison Janney’s sobering transformation in I, Tonya.

Best Director: I’m all about Jordan Peele for Get Out. What a timely, riveting original psycho thriller. Incidentally, we met one of the supporting actors from the film at Universal Studios just last week.

Firstborn even donned a fancy dress for the occasion… another bestie suggested next year we host a fancy viewing party.

Who are you rooting for? If you haven’t yet seen the films check out this article that details where to stream each one.




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