Quarantine Time Capsule

Our (new to us) homeschool co-op assembles a yearbook of highlights each Spring; but this year, as stay-at-home orders forced us to wrap our weekly gatherings early, we lacked sufficient photographs to fill the pages. 🙁 In lieu of pictures, each family was charged with recording a brief paragraph detailing the impact of the pandemic, for posterity. Here’s ours:

I’m embarrassed to confess we kicked off quarantine with gumption, grateful for respite from a frenetic season of pinballing across town for activities. Already working & schooling from home (regular stockpile of toilet paper secure in the pantry) we hunkered down, healthy, trading lacrosse, little-league, dance, and choir for baking, board games, biking, and crafts; and focused on making our new house a home. We celebrated birthdays, Easter, and Mother’s Day within the metes of social distance and quickly missed the Christian community outside our four walls. We look forward to the time when we can resume gathering together.

Another glimpse inside our quarantine:

Work –



Home-improvement projects:

“Let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another…” Hebrews 10:25


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