The Countryside


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The onset of summer in the countryside has caused us to slow our daily pace a bit.

Not idle, but not rushing…

Taking time to smell the roses. Deliberately – eagerly – getting stuck behind a train. Blowing past bedtimes more often than not.

Working hard in the yard and then nursing our sun-fatigue, observing God’s creation in nature and the company of our visitors.

Simple life, simple pleasures.



the neighbor called in a cement truck for our fence posts, which delighted little man
we reverently observed national donut day

With so much landscaping yet to complete, and our short planting season already well underway, I was resigned to a container garden this year. Husband blessed me by pausing his bigger projects to install a couple raised garden beds. I quickly transplanted my tomatoes and sowed some additional seeds in the freshly tilled earth.

garden boxes– woot!

*rad Bigfoot Xing sign purchased years ago on Etsy. (It’s an inside joke.)

refilled the former tomato pots with plants for a bit of front-door-flair

We enjoyed another tranquil and informative visit to my friend’s ranch, where the kids visited their soon-to-be pet bunnies.

our new holland lop, jack, though he’s still not quite old enough to come home yet
totes magoats
a neighbor snapped this at our mailboxes the other day
a country drive so beautiful that we had to pull over


i love that my chocolate covered goji berries are tucked up with the daily vitamins


if only home depot gave out sky miles…
park and splash date with our dear former neighbors
i was the mom that forgot towels, sunscreen, and shoes for my youngest

We’re now preparing for our next group of visitors: My mother, sister, and three nieces. Cousin Camp 2015.


How does one prepare for Cousin Camp? In a word: Costco.

I don’t think we’ve ever purchased so much high-fructose corn syrup. The girls were shocked and elated.



It’ll be fun. Since we don’t have a true guest room we intend to throw all six kids in Little Man’s room (three in the bed and three on an air mattress) and close the door. We’ll just throw fruit snacks in occasionally. It will be like The Hunger Games.

I can’t wait.


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