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In years past I’ve made (and kept!) ambitious resolutions for the new year…

One year I read the entire Bible. Another year I fasted from chocolate.

A different year, motivated by an upcoming mission trip to Africa wherein our team was instructed to never pick our noses for fear of getting sick abroad, I made that my resolution.

I completed a half-marathon, a 10K, and several 5Ks another year.

This year? I’m getting crunchy! I’m resolving to follow my dear friend Kelsey at Full of Days, as she shares a healthy tip each week of the year towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. I feel like this model should be simpler and make for true and lasting new habits.

our simple new year’s festitivities– rang it in on east coast time so the kids could partake

my mountain man

Handsome Husband took the girls to see Star Wars today, Little Man was genuinely heartbroken to stay behind as he’s still just too disruptive to share a theater with strangers who’ve paid good money for their seats. (Great big thanks to our exceptional neighbors who blessed us with a gift card to the movies!) 

don’t feel bad, he’ll be the proud owner of the blu-ray soon enough

One year ago today I shared my blogging year in review. Ditto for two years ago.

Shout out to my much older sister, who became a mommy for the first time eight years ago today!


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  1. Right?? It was not as easy as one would assume– I’m a girl who appreciates a clean nostril. lol

  2. How did you EVER not pick your nose for one year? If you can do that, then my healthy changes should be a snap!

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