We Were On a Break

We were all grateful to enjoy a wee break over the Christmas holiday before starting school afresh in the new year.

completing the fun puzzle our awesome neighbors gifted us
sportin’ slippers on the wrong feet at target, as one does #thirdchild
sleepovers are becoming less about dollies & dressup and more about makeup & music

still did some reading, finished the book ‘hatchet’ and started the harry potter series
open gym time

date night: waiting in line in the bitter montana cold for star wars on opening day
still lots of rey hair going on in our house

play-dates now take place at the mall

We’re back to the homeschool grind today, hopeful for success with our modified schedule  for the new year.



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  1. “Blah, blah, blah…history stuff…blah, blah, blah!” Bwahhahahahaha! That whole first part of the paper seems sorely matched with the graphic below! We limped back into school today too…still thankful to home-school, but boy howdy is it more than I anticipated!

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