Weekly Wrap-Up & Thursday Throwbacks

For me, Thursdays will always feel like start of the weekend as they were the day that my much older sister and I headed to our Dad’s house each week growing up. So let’s all pretend it’s the weekend, mkay?

Do y’all follow Weird, Unsocailized Homeschoolers? The author’s obviously being facetious with that title, but seeing how I appreciate witty sarcasm as much as the next gal, I subscribe dutifully. (Bonus points for her two frequently featured ginger cats & Friends-inspired post titles). Come Friday, each week, she hosts a Weekly Wrap-Up party, wherein homeschoolers around the country share what they’ve been up to. I find it to be a terrific source of inspiration and encouragement– especially this time of year. Thusly…

weekly wrap up weird unscocialized homeschoolers

We’ve enjoyed a right jolly week, having kicked off Yule-School with unbridled Christmas revelry… We chopped down and bedazzled a Charlie Brown conifer, studied and celebrated Saint Nicholas in the European fashion, as is our custom; and tomorrow night the girls will attend Barnes & Noble’s nerdtastic Harry Potter Yule Ball with much enthusiasm and, of course, costumes.

Temperatures have finally dropped, and we’ve enjoyed some more snow in our winter wonderland.

It’s all fun and games when you’re properly bundled– until the cold trips the electrical for your garage door after your brisk walk to the mailbox, and you’re locked outside in the elements for an additional hour until your chivalrous husband can come to your rescue. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Generally my children are veritable cherubs…


… but when less-than-angelic attitudes inevitably re-emerge, the snow comes to our aid yet again– in the form of penance.

We watched with much trepidation from an upstairs window as a worker climbed the nearby cellular tower, spying on his perilous tinkering with binoculars.

no salary could convince me of this career-path
all the nopes

Why don’t you add a few chocolate chips to the pancake batter, I said… it’ll be yummy, I said.

note the chocolate to batter ratio

Learning on the go:

watching sisters at gymnastics, god bless youtube for explaining visually what I could not with words
pet store science w/the cousins

while brother is at speech

At the direction of the girls’ anatomy curriculum, we took a test to determine which hemisphere of the brain that each prefer.

center sister takes after her daddy
whereas firstborn is more like m’self

Additional nonsensicalss:

a Tuesday’s as good a day as any to rock Egyptian-inspired eye-makeup
landed on my car window
betwixt snowfalls

Some particularly adorable throwbacks popped up in my Timehop today, from six years ago…


Happy weekending!!


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