Yule-School vol. 1

This December we aren’t fighting it.

We’re throwing in the towel and embracing the Yuletide merriment wholeheartedly. Instead of squeezing festivities in/around the margins of our regularly scheduled programming, and driving ourselves batty in the process, we’ll gearing our STUDIES around the HOLIDAY, all vice-versa like. (My favorite podcaster, Pam, gave me permission!)

It’s like a month-long Christmas unit study… the opening act: Saint Nicholas Day (today)!

our fave book on jolly ol’ saint nick; click pic for link

I even shuttled the critters to the mall to meet Santa for the first time ever today, in Nicholas’ honor… only to discover he keeps limited hours. Who knew?

bah humbug.

Next on the docket is a nerdtastic Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball, our 9th annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party, a 4-H Ugly Sweater Party, Saint Lucia Day (13th), another Awana dress-up night, caroling with the homeschool choir, and more.

heck YES we’re dressing up. (PS- this geekerific event’s being held at barnes & noble locations across the country)

We’ll study how other cultures around the world celebrate the season, focus on the nativity, watch Christmas movies, bake (kinda), send warm holiday greetings (making the kids hand address the cards this year– booyah!),  play games, and belt carols like it’s our job. We’ve already chopped down and trimmed a tree, decked the halls; and driven around, mugs of cocoa in hand, ogling light displays.

our new favorite game that all ages can play, great for a crowd (click pic for link)
To: Mia From: Mia
impromptu icelandic study

We’re still completing the three R’s. Plus spelling, because we love it. Plus Science, because we love it. In retrospect, it doesn’t seem we’re lacking at all. I heart homeschool.


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