What to Read Wednesday: Africa Edition

This week’s What to Read Wednesday is highlighting children’s books from another geographical region of our incredible planet… Africa!

As of press time, I’ve only visited three of the fifty-four countries that make up the great continent of Africa. Even my modest sampling (Burkina-Faso, Mali, & Morocco) forever emblazoned my heart– the cultures, varied and vibrant, are far richer than preconceived stereotypes.

The following’s a sampling of terrific titles related to the African nations nearest & dearest to my own heart:

The Water Princess – This tale is set in Burkina-Faso and illustrates how women young & old daily collect water for their households. I witnessed this firsthand, and even filmed the video below of a young gal on one of many trips to the local water-source to fill the cistern for the day.

tried my own hand at pumping the well, it’s no small task

Tree of Life – The World of the African Baobab

You know that giant tree in the middle of Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld? Or the one at the Oregon Zoo by the lions?

Oregon zoo

They’re replicas of real Baobab trees– peculiar looking giants I marveled at along the road from Burkina-Faso to Mali. Locals shared folklore that says the original tree was so beautiful it became conceited and proud, so God took flipped it upside down on it’s head, leaving it’s unsightly roots in the air, humbling it effectively forevermore. The book has a slightly different rendition and also details their impact on the ecosystem.

snapped from our van window in africa

One Plastic Bag: The Recycling Women of Gambia This book was another delight to discover, as it details the very handicraft I worked on with oppressed women while in West Africa in 2010. Harvesting plastic bags that litter the countryside, women can repurpose them into practical and marketable goods. As knitters/crocheters, my kids enjoyed hearing of this anew, and were especially delighted when I then unearthed a tote made from just such discarded bags there in Africa.

a gal in burkina whipped up these baby sandals & a bowl in no time flat after being introduced to the concept
the upcycled hand-made bag I purchased & brought home from africa, crafted from the abundant ‘sache noir’ rubbish that litters the landscape

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