What to Read Wednesday: Artists & Mexico Editions

Because I’m woefully tardy, I’m going to go ahead and combine this week and last week’s What to Read Wednesday installments. Fortunately for me, they go together like peas and carrots…

The respective themes are artists and Mexicodon’t forget Cinco de Mayo is this Friday! What better way to share about BOTH than by studying one of the most famous female artists of all time, who happened to hail south of the border in beautiful Mexico: Frida Kahlo.

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Our go-to biographies always hail from the “Who Was” collection. We’re zipping to our beloved local library today to borrow a copy and I confess I’ll be learning right alongside my kiddos. It’s a shame the cinematic version of her biography is R-rated, perhaps we’ll watch a couple of the more benign clips of the film on Youtube.

Cinco de Mayo festivities are generally pretty simple in our casa, but now that we’re back in the Pacific Northwest we’ll surely fiesta as it’s one of my brothers’ birthdays. Speaking of fiestas, I’m considering replicating Firstborn’s fifth birthday party theme for our youngest’s this year with a “Cinco de Little Man” fifth birthday fiesta. God willing, we’ll be settled in our new house, renovations complete, so we don’t have to take the show on the road again.

A few throwback pics from our last trip to Mexico, circa spring 2008. We cruised to three ports with our extended family, I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy and SO seasick. I love Mexico and it’s vibrant culture! 

Additional artist biographies:

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