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A long time (four years) ago, in a galaxy (country) far, far away, a young Jedi was born– one who would bring balance to the force (our family)… Little Man is four today! And officially obsessed with all things Star Wars. Heartbroken when he couldn’t join his sisters at the theater when it first released this past winter (he’s just not there Read More →


I’ve just completed the most incredible book that’s left me yearning to pack up my family and move overseas… The premise is this: Along with her husband, the author adopts her children from China. Years later, they return as a family on a radical pilgrimage of sorts, with the aim of immersing the children in their birth Read More →

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Growing a vegetable garden is a family commitment of time and energy… Husband configures and constructs the beds, preps the soil, installs trellises, and lays ground cover. The kids enthusiastically sow the bulk of the seeds, introduce beneficial insects, and lend a hand in the harvest. I enjoy watering daily by hand, monitoring growth, tending weeds, and thinning the crop. Read More →


America’s first (and arguably most famous) national park is basically in my backyard: An hour drive, or twenty minutes as a crow flies. Each summer, visitors descend from every corner of the globe to behold it’s splendor. You don’t have to be a geology geek to appreciate it’s raw beauty. Since moving to Montana we’ve become frequent flyers… as locals Read More →


While checking out at Target last week, Little Man was secured in the cart, chattering cheerily, while the girls buzzed about, keeping a reasonable radius. A pair of middle-aged women behind me in line, apparently aghast that my kids were not nearly catatonic enough, grumbled, groaned, and guffawed, and openly ridiculed my parenting with unwarranted hostility. I was aghast, and frankly felt bullied.* Conversely, Read More →

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Happy Fourth of July! According to my prized, new-to-me set of Encyclopedias, copyright circa 1964, we’re having a very traditional and authentic Independence Day weekend… One year ago on the blog: “Simple Summer Fun: Cooking For Your Family Without Cooking Your House” Two years ago on the blog: “Proud to be an American” Three years ago on the blog: Read More →