This’ll be brief, since my mom, sister, and three darling nieces are currently visiting from Oregon. Tonight round the dinner table the adults howled with laughter collab-ing on the fun #threefictionalcharacters thing that’s trending on social media. One selects three fictional characters who most closely mirror their personality. It’s harder than it sounds. Behold… My much older Read More →


September is inarguably synonymous with back to school– even for homeschoolers who teach/learn year-round. In that spirit, iHomeschool Network is continuing their fun blog hop through the end of the month, most recently highlighting the school rooms of homeschooling families around the country. Unlike (apparently) most home-educating families, we don’t have a dedicated homeschool classroom. We’ve never sought to replicate Read More →


In Montana fall flies by in a flash, my favorite season. Nature throws itself into a vibrant last-ditch display, a colorful crescendo before the quiet winter. Families make a fervent push to get out and do ALL THE THINGS, to soak up every second before the snow returns while indoors it’s a time of preparation- comfort the reigning ambition. “Let us step into the night and pursue Read More →


I nearly forgot that the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is tonight… I’ve previously shared the hows and whys of this traditionally Asian custom, as our family joins others around the world in simple observance of the harvest at the first full moon of the season. Since I always seem to forget to plan ahead and order traditional mooncakes online (we don’t have a proper Asian market where we live Read More →


Little Man had a wonderful first day of pre-kindergarten, no surprise to any who know him. Though only attending once weekly, it’s still a big deal for this homeschooling mommy. (I shared our reasons for sending him here.) He’ll continue to learn alongside his sisters on the days he remains at home. I’m forever grateful for the ability to individualize my kids’ educations. Read More →


I recently shared our back to school #squadgoals in participation with a blog-hop over at iHomeschool Network. Home-educating parents were encouraged to share their curriculum plans for the year, and I was eager to chime in as well as peruse the kaleidoscope of entries from the many contributors. This perusal led to the discovery of several wonderful blogs that I Read More →


I love my garden so. There’s just something profoundly fulfilling to growing your own food. (after texting above pic to him at work) Handsome Husband: Where is that? me: By the back door. He’s pissed now, too; girls have been spraying him w/water. HH: Kinda cool lookin’ guy. Jar him. me: I knew you’d say that. And Read More →