What does it look like to homeschool in Montana during Winter? This week’s wrap-up resembles a bona fide Winter Wonderland. A picture is worth a thousand words, for posterity’s sake; and inasmuch… That’s pretty much our week in a nutshell, though let us not omit this much-needed sunshine-y, beachside throwback: And all of God’s people said, “Awwwwwww…” Be sure to check out additional week Read More →


Our hearts are saddened anew as yesterday our beloved, vivacious Grandpapa stepped confidently and courageously into eternity with a peace that surpasses all understanding. This fresh grief feels compounded by the still-raw loss of Grandma Norah last month, yet “Grief is the price we pay for love.”  Handsome Husband’s doppelgänger/namesake grandfather was truly the life of every party– so full Read More →

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We’ve mostly wrapped up Yule-school and are back to the grind– which means, hitting the books! *swoon* To kick off the new year and our second homeschool semester, and to rouse us from our post-holiday stupor, we’re eagerly participating in Sarah Mackenzie’s 31-Day Read Aloud Revival Challenge… Have your kiddos read aloud to you (and of course read aloud Read More →


Au revoir, 2016; the new year beckons… Alas, ere we bid you farewell forever, let us take one last look back at the past twelve months, for nostalgia’s sake. Sometimes a weary homeschool mom’s prone to wonder, “What have we done all year? Have we accomplished anything at all?” Sure, you might recall a few of the highlights, but there’s a Read More →


Behold: 2016’s Christmas jammies, our family’s decades-long take on the popular tradition is to gift them to the kiddos each Christmas Eve. Happy birthday, Jesus! First time for everything… we’ve never really done Santa, opting instead for a more European approach to Saint Nick, but this year the kiddos requested to visit him at the mall. I guess Read More →


I sat next to a man on an airplane (first time in first class– thanks for the free upgrade, Delta!) last weekend who told me he capped his wife’s Christmas neighbor-gift budget at $700 and 45 houses. Say what?! While I generally whip up a little something for our fantastic neighbors each Christmas, it’s not something I stress Read More →


I meant to share this post sooner than FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS, but alas I’ve been distracted by travel, the loss of my grandma, and our own Christmas merriment. Looking for a last minute gift to balance out the presents under your Christmas conifer? I try to ensure our kidlets have the same number of gifts, lest Read More →