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Spring Break came early in the White house, this year, when Nana flew in for an impromptu visit. Homeschooling perk #792: We shelved our studies (save for reading & writing– nana only missed one 6th grade spelling word on test day) and instead partook of a brief staycation. She came for one last stay before we move back Read More →

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In recent weeks, the bulk of our spare time and energy has been squarely focused on the girls’ participation in a local musical production of The Wizard of Oz. Performances now behind us, I’m left reveling at the hard work and tremendous courage that singing solos and memorizing page upon page of lines required of each of them. (Check out the video montage Read More →

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We had a wonderfully simple and homespun Saint Valentine’s Day celebration this year. The kiddos sent out fun, right-brained Valentines to a few of their pen-pals, and received some back in return. My mom (in town to see the girls’ production of the Wizard of Oz) charged the kiddos with preparing & serving a romantic, pink fancy dinner and treats on our Read More →

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This week I’m jumping aboard A Net in Time & Hopkins Homeschool’s fun blog party. These teacher/mamas are blogging through the alphabet, and when the letter D rolled around I knew it was time to chime in… In our homeschool the letter ‘D’ definitely, decidedly, unDeniably stands for DRESS-UP! (duh.) Tropical Island Night at Awana tonight… or as I like to call it, here Read More →

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In this house we… make believe, dress up, seek adventure, make music, shake our groove thangs, read aloud, love Jesus by loving others, mark the days, celebrate & savor, tinker & create, build forts, stop to smell the roses, dig in the dirt, explore nature, climb trees, play games, and keep it simple. Still, the following is also often true of our household: Read More →

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Everyone agrees, Great Grandma Schafer was a saint. Patient and gentle, loving and kind, she was a joyful delight and a pillar of peace… I might be biased, but she really ought to be canonized alongside our favorites: Patrick, Nicholas, Lucia, & Valentine. Evidently, she also loved Valentine’s Day. Her stash of hand-crafted valentines from primary-school days in the 1920’s Read More →

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Cock-a-doodle-doo! We rang in the Year of the Rooster by dining out with pals this year; sometimes simple is best. Husband and I prepare Asian fare in the bulk of the time, anyway; so the break from cooking was a treat in itself. Husband employed this nifty app to translate the mandarin menu, and I geeked out something fierce. Enter the Read More →