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This might sound anti-American, but I’m not a fan of potato salad. Correction: I despise potato salad, except for this one… heavy on the mustard, light on the mayo, skins on them taters and eggs a non-negotiable– it’s a winner. Best of all? It’s a homesteading dish! When we run our pantry down to Old Read More →


Today marks 15 years that I’ve been Mrs. Handsome Husband. Fifteen! Apparently, it’s our crystal anniversary. What the heck does that mean? Regarding crystal: Clear, transparent, of fine quality and a high degree of brilliance. Metaphorically speaking, the description’s rather poetic and an admirable ambition for any marriage. I’ll take it! I was just a wee lass when we wed, Read More →

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Her name means Muse. She’s a (silly) Goose. Resident mermaid and calendar girl who counts down, daily, to each and every holiday. A pixie. Marie Antoinette obsessed; Luna Lovegood adoring. Forever dancing, free-spirited, author/illustrator of volumes of original prose, a natural at mathematics. Tomato-hating, critter-loving, faithful sous chef. Early risin’, piano plinking, tender-hearted, compassionate, girlie-girl Center Sister. And today… she’s Read More →

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Once again, I’m homeschooling the kidlets straight through summer— including a special unit study on US history & geography. Incidentally, as the first states joined the union seeking freedom from the English monarchy, Marie Antoinette was still on the throne in France. Which brings me to Center Sister’s latest obsession… Center Sister’s middle name is Marie, so her Read More →

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Business is booming for our wee entrepreneurs who seem to have made a name for themselves in the local pet-sitting market. They wrapped up a gig watching two neighbor kitties last week, then started another caring for two more plus a dog this week. An additional guinea pig was dropped off for boarding last night, Read More →

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The kids and I have been delighted by the enthusiastic show of support for their summer US geography project and post-card solicitation. God bless social media for things such as these. This is where we’ll share photos of postcards received, as well as a running list of states we’re still on the hunt for. Thanks again! From their Read More →