Cocooning Survival Tactic #1: Sometimes, while cocooning, a Mama can go a wee bit stir-crazy. If you sense cabin fever creeping in, here’s what you do: Strap the kiddos into their carseats, divvy up the snacks, and drive around in circles. Bonus points for hitting the Starbuck’s drive-thru and/or enduring Angelina Ballerina on repeat in the Read More →

Handsome Hubs headed back to work this morning, leaving me solo with our three precious offspring for the first time. You can go ahead and send me my official Mom Of Three badge now, since I am pleased to report that we all survived. It helps that we all got a good night of sleep, Read More →

You guys. It’s like night of the living dead over here. I’m not sure what day or time it is currently– in fact, right now I’m not even sure which way is up. Our household averaged three hours of sleep last night due to severe jetlag. Come to find out going east to west is Read More →

*The post in which I discover I’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys song for three decades. We thought our house was baby-proofed sufficiently. Turns out it was baby-proofed to baby girl standards, not baby boy standards. Our girls were active, but cautious, toddlers. Curious, but observant. Little Man is fearless, busy, and ambitious. He’s Read More →

It’s two in the morning, and we’ve already had breakfast. Three kiddos with jetlag is no joke, they are all still on China time. I guess I’ll share the details of our journey home to Montana, as we arrived back safely yesterday afternoon. It took 24 grueling hours and three horrendous flights to get back, Read More →

It’s our last night here at the China Hotel in Guangzhou. We leave extra early tomorrow morning to board our flight(s) home. Though I will surely miss the daily visits from housekeeping that miraculously left the beds perfectly re-made and towels replenished, our family is eager to get home. Even the nicest of hotels get old Read More →

In two days we leave China, heading home to Montana. Without a doubt, what we will miss most from our time here will be the other families that we have journeyed alongside, to our children. Most of the families here are adopting child number 2, 3, or 4 (even numbers 6 or 7!)… young, busy families already enjoying a season Read More →