Today we toured some of Beijing’s most famous landmarks. Everywhere we went, we were a spectacle. Tianamen Square Chinese from all over the countryside take their holiday in Beijing, and many have never before seen Caucasians until such a pilgrimage. We were a spectacle because we were clearly Americans, speaking English, and had two blondish, female children in Read More →

We’re there, Man. (-spoken with Jim Carey inflection, circa Dumb & Dumber) If the relentless paperwork chase is the “pregnancy” of adoption, then the 13 hour travel we just endured was most certainly the labor. It was mentally and physically exhausting, unglamorous, uncomfortable, and absolutely worthwhile.  And, as is true with most pregnancies, my feet are Read More →

Off we go. We covet your prayers… Pray for Patient Husband, as he strives to corral and direct a small gaggle of squealing orangutans (myself included) who can hardly contain their unbridled excitement. Pray for our girls, that they would sleep on the plane, so that I don’t have to drug them with Benadryl can actually get Read More →

Er means “two” in Mandarin. Or so my children tell me. Two days until Departure Day. I might throw up. If one more person mentions the missing plane from Malaysia, I will for sure. That reminds me… In the event of our untimely demise (wherein we are confident in our eternal destination, by the grace Read More →

Forgive my brevity, but I just finished applying for four international visas and my brain is absolute mush. Our flights are booked, we’re headed to China! March 26th. 16 days… not that I’m counting, or anything. After a quick puddle-jump to Seattle, we board our 12 hour international flight to Beijing. Please pray for our Read More →

I will praise you, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works.  I will be glad and rejoice in You;  I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High. Psalms 9:1-2 We just got our Travel Approval, our official invitation to head to China and pick up our Read More →

I used to drive the freeway every day. In much of Oregon, freeway driving is simply a way of life. My daughter’s school was a twenty minute drive southbound on I5, and I made that trek twice daily. If was going shopping, I’d always find the nearest freeway on-ramp to expedite the journey. Being a Read More →