Another Bookish Holiday

We started planning for Halloween months ago. Our first back in Oregon, we knew we’d be coordinating a group theme with the cousins and spend it with our entire extended family. Since we are unabashed bookworms —and for us the holiday’s more about candy, colorful costumes, and neighbors than any of the spooky stuff— we landed on the timeless Roald Dahl classic: Willy Wonka.

Literary characters are our preferred muses for holidays (see last year’s Harry Potter themed Halloween), and Roald Dahl is beloved. Nearly every one of his books has a place in our home library, Willy Wonka & sweet Charlie Bucket among our favorites. I can still recall the first time I watched the film, Violet Beauregarde swelling into a blueberry–Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet!

Did you know Cadbury ceased production of chocolate Wonka bars in recent years? #sadface

Because we planned ahead, it didn’t cost us much. We scoured thrift shops and did minor alterationsts with fringe, buttons, and belts– I think it all came together smashingly, and *bonus* it made for a terrific homeschool project.

We also dressed up over the weekend for a little shindig with friends, Little Man was Short-Round to Husband’s Dr. Indiana Jones. I tried to dress as Kate Kapshaw’s character “Willie” in the film, but wound up more closely resembling a drag queen. The girls threw together Wednesday Addams and a kitty-cat costume.

for reference:

We got a good, long evening walk in and had a blast, all 1980’s style. Today we’re graphing the kids’ spoils and heading to soccer to burn off some of the sugar. 

Happy Halloween!


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