Zero Dollar, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Fret not, Last-Minute Loo’s: Dress-up is my jam and our costume bin overfloweth. The following’s a non-exhaustive, off-the-cuff list of creative costumes that can easily be pulled together from most wardrobes.

Librarian: tight bun, big spectacles, drab stuffy blazer, vest or cardi with monochromatic turtleneck sweater, wool skirt, books & ruler

Cowboy/girl/rancher: think denim (overalls or a skirt a plus), boots, hat, big belt, handkerchief, black out a tooth with eyeliner for bonus points

Audrey Hepburn: Little Black Dress + pearls + gloves + bun + sunnies

(Firstborn at Halloween circa 2012 & her Audrey Hepburn birthday last spring.)

Pippi Longstocking: bright, mis-matched shabby duds (bonus points for tall, stripey socks or tights) pigtails braided with pipe-cleaners from the craft bin, eyeliner freckles

Critters: adorn an old headband with ears crafted from coordinating remnants in your scrap bag, add makeup (see: cat, bunny, lamb, deer, giraffe, dog, etc.)

Lifeguard: swimsuit, shorts, flip-flops, red shirt painted with white cross from craft bin, add whistle & high pony

80’s rocker: think Cyndi Lauper– bright makeup, layers, off-shoulder tops, leg-warmers & side ponytails, obvi

1950’s Sock-Hoppers: cuffed jeans, tucked white tee, slicked hair & shades (got a little black comb?) or a knee length skirt with fitted, tucked-in top, rolled bobby socks, high pony w/a scarf– bonus points for saddle shoes!

Old Lady: borrow clothes from grandma, lean heavily on pastels & rayon, curlers, glasses, penciled on wrinkles, baby powder grays hair… this also segues seamlessly into:

Crazy Cat Lady: mismatched, gaudy “old lady” outfit, stuffed cats affixed with safety pins

Hippie: long, straight hair parted in center, round shades (preferably colored), bell bottoms or bright polysester neon shade dress (think: A-line, bonus points for paisley)

Geek Squad: messy hair, big glasses, short-sleeved Dilbert button-down, pens in pocket, high-water pants (roll if need be), suspenders a bonus

Movie Star: glamourous hair, fancy dress & makeup, just add feather boa

Hipster: bright colored tight pants, clashing flannel, eyeliner beard, sunnies, starbucks cup

Grape cluster: Got a stash of leftover dollar store balloons? 

Scuba diver/marine mammal trainer: faux wetsuit is black leggings & top, paint empty 2 liter soda bottles, tape to hydration pack or backpack, add swimcap & goggles

Halloween costumes need not break the bank. Be creative and see what you can’t scrounge together, then join the hordes of children who will soon take to the streets in search of sugary confections– without spending a fortune at your nearest superstore.

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