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  • Be True to Your School

    Be True to Your School

    We’re back at homeschool for our eighth straight year– now with a working/driving highschool Sophomore, an always-dancing 8th-grader in braces, an exceedingly tall (and inquisitive) 3rd-grader, a perpetually befuddled teacher-mom who can’t wrap her brain around how fast time is flying, and a super handsome, stoic school principal/math proctor working from home alongside us. Sophomore:…

  • Books Recently Consumed

    Books Recently Consumed

    The following are snapshots of our most recent reads– because reading’s just about one of the only pastimes that persists when viruses and wildfires thwart all other best-laid plans. What should I read next?

  • Parks & Rec

    Parks & Rec

    Recently, Thoughtful Husband rented a recreational vehicle to tour some nearby state parks.  It was actually for my birthday– and what a lovely gift it was to adventure together in comfort. I found it endearingly Freudian that Tech-obsessed Little Man kept referring to it as a “VR” instead of an “RV.”  We loaded up and…

  • Kids Incorporated

    Kids Incorporated

    June is always a whirlwind in our neck of the woods, and this one’s been no exception… but in the midst of all of the hullabaloo, my kids wrapped their Freshman, 7th, and 2nd-grade school years. As per our usual, we’ll maintain a rhythm of light study through Summer, for the sake of momentum, but…

  • Our Jane Austen School for Headstrong, Obstinate Girls

    Our Jane Austen School for Headstrong, Obstinate Girls

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single homeschool in possession of a good literature & language arts curriculum, must be in want of the works of Jane Austen. We are presently engrossed in her classic brit lit. Our faithful formula of 1) screening the film, 2) reading the book, and 3) rewatching the…

  • Quarantine Time Capsule

    Quarantine Time Capsule

    Our (new to us) homeschool co-op assembles a yearbook of highlights each Spring; but this year, as stay-at-home orders forced us to wrap our weekly gatherings early, we lacked sufficient photographs to fill the pages. 🙁 In lieu of pictures, each family was charged with recording a brief paragraph detailing the impact of the pandemic,…

  • A Ramona Quimby Quarantine

    A Ramona Quimby Quarantine

    Quarantined with bored kids and looking for some simple fun to break up the monotony? You needn’t sweat schooling at home– grab a book and some household objects and see what you can’t rustle up. Case in point: Little Man and I are reading through Beverly Cleary’s beloved Ramona series aloud together. With minimal effort…

  • How We Quarantine

    How We Quarantine

    We’ve been working from home and homeschooling since before it was cool/government-mandated. Five years in Montana conditioned us for seasonal hibernation and social distance– stockpiling necessities, staying in for long stretches, venturing out for quiet country drives or isolated outdoor adventures. Still, we live in closer community now, and like most everyone we’re missing out…

  • Book-Club Catch-up

    Book-Club Catch-up

    We’re officially out of boxes, settled into our new abode, and back to the grind of schooling-at-home and pinballing around town to kids’ activities. New house sneak-peekaboo: Forget formal dining, we’ve elected instead to opt for an in-home library/school space. Translation: ROOM FOR MORE BOOKS. The following’s a smattering of recent titles we’ve enjoyed, beginning…