Blogging Through the Alphabet (the letter i)

I’m blogging through the alphabet with fellow homeschoolers online. This week we’re on the letter I…

The secret to our (relative) sanity during a typical homeschool day is music… namely sedate, instrumental music. Pretty sure the single best piece of equipment we’ve purchased for our homeschool is the wireless speaker that Husband hooked up to my kitchen iPad to pump soothing tunes throughout the house. It pretty much runs 24/7/365. Music simply makes things happen around here, so in my estimation “I” is for Instrumental Music.

Fact: I’m a more patient and joyful mom/teacher with music playing. God bless Pandora.

As a young student I was one of those weirdos who always focused best on homework with the radio blasting. I guess I really am getting old, though, because these days I simply cannot handle any kind of lyrical melody whilst teaching– I find the words terribly distracting unless they’re in a foreign language. When we’re quietly creating with arts & crafts or a puzzle or game, reggae or island music is sedate enough to sing along to. For housework I prescribe the Beach Boys, Celtic, or Disco; BUT when I’m teaching it has to be instrumental only: the Baroque station, the Enya station, “Ocean Sounds” station (reminiscint of zen-ful day spa), and the French cooking music station (the lyrics don’t register since we can’t understand them) are all favorites.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for a powerful refrain. Come the weekend we favor Pandora’s Bluegrass, Paul Simon, or Johnny Cash stations. While cooking dinner the Hubs & I belt out power ballads courtesy of Pandora’s Queen, Heart, Van Morrison, or Chicago stations. But for a school day it’s simply got to be instrumental.

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