We the People (White House Family Mission Statement Acrostic)

We’re nearing the end of a fun Blogging Through the Alphabet project with some fellow homeschoolers online. In thinking about a fitting topic for the letter W one need only glance about our house… it’s our monogram, and it’s everywhere!

husband has always jokes that displaying our monogram on shelves & walls makes our home resemble a frat house
and because scrabble is my favorite

It came to me that one of the most foundational virtues of our homeschool exist in our family mission statement. W is for the White (our last name) household, our family mission statement for WE the people who reside here.

In a Sunday school class years ago Husband and I were challenged to pen a family mission statement. A friend at our table suggested, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you incorporated your last name into it– like an acrostic?” Taking her idea to heart, we quickly came up with what has remained our family mission statement and now hangs atop our mantle. It’s a declaration, an ambition, it starts with We and includes our last name: White.

We who dwell in this
Home live with the
Intent of glorifying God with
Thanksgiving in
Everything we do.

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