Mid-Autumn “Moon” Festival

We love autumn. We love astronomy. We love traditions and holidays. We love learning about other cultures, Little Man’s Asian heritage, and we love any excuse to celebrate. The monstrous, orange-tinged harvest moon this week marks one of China’s few nationally observed holidays: the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Naturally, we’ve worked it onto our own calendar with the simplest of celebrations.

tried and true recipe for simple celebrating = books + treats

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In lieu of traditional mooncakes, we opted once more for a more western alternative.

Perhaps next year I’ll have my act together and zip up to our favorite Asian market in Portland prior to the festival to pick up some authentic mooncakes (spoiler, they’re filled with bean paste & not my favorite). Some large cities even have big festivals and parades to mark the occasion. In the meantime, our simple festivities more than suffice. Happy Harvest! 

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