A Celestial Celebration

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I’m nostalgic & sentimental, regularly fixin’ to make any ol’ day a special one– I looooove to celebrate. Naturally, in our homeschool, C is for Celebration! Be it obscure holidays, sporting events, time-worn traditions, or long-awaited celestial events– no matter how silly, we celebrate it.

Today we’ve got David Bowie’s Space Oddity on repeat… we’re celebrating the total solar eclipse. With our new home smack in the center of the path of totality, we’ve long been abuzz with anticipation. (Particularly timely after just completing last Wednesday’s book recommend, The Martian, and screening the film again last night.)

Though it fell on an ordinary working Monday, this family of nerds wasn’t about to miss the cosmic-action. Sidenote: I’m especially grateful at times like these that Science-Geek-Hubs telecommutes to the office from home most days. We started the day with eggs, sunny-side up (GET IT??), alongside the kids’ first ever Sunny D, plus moon pies– obvi.

celebratory postage stamps for pen pal corresondence

As the moon began to eclipse the sun, we climbed atop our roof for an optimal vantage (and to sear the memory into our kids’ noggins) and donned our NASA-approved protective eyewear. Little Man rocked his astronaut shirt, as one does.

The sun and moon aligned perfectly, as predicted, and the resulting phenomena did not disappoint. After the corona everything went dark and cool, and the street light in front of our house flicked on. Neighbors for blocks cheered along with us, dogs barked in confusion, and my sister’s flock of backyard chicken froze stupefied. Save for one of our cats vomiting in protest, it exceeded our expectations. We’re the kind of folks who’d have driven miles to behold this splendor, so we’ll continue the festivities with more Bowie & solar-themed treats throughout the day.

It doesn’t take much to make an ordinary day special or to find something worthy of celebrating. Besides, it makes the book-learnin’ go down easier. C is for Celebration!

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