Signs of Spring



The joke here in Montana is that there are just two seasons: Winter and Road-Construction Season.

While it’s true that most years we get a bonus blast of snowfall each May (sometimes even June!), it’s currently all melted away and the peek-a-boo sun has made me wistful for summer. At our high, mountain altitude even 50′ in the sunshine feels amazingly feels like swimsuit weather.

Critters are emerging from hibernation and our zealous farm kitties have gotten to work, accordingly. Last year Mao the Mighty Huntress caught 28 voles, 5 birds, and a giant grasshopper– we wondered if she would teach Garfield the trade, but it seems he didn’t require a tutorial. Current standings are Garfield: 6, Mao: 2.

Garfield Gump

Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, and Darth Vader (our ducklings) have rapidly doubled in size, and are anticipating their release onto the pond behind our property. When the girls were tiny I routinely drove across town to feed wild ducks, I hope to soon do so right in our own neighborhood.

upgraded temporary abode while their feathers come in

The kiddos received new Easter-garb in the mail from Nana, and Center Sister(left) was delighted to discover that hers is the same gown as her long-distance bestie’s– who, coincidentally, is also a homeschooling mermaid.


And speaking of mermaid attire, Center Sister is coveting this groovy new suit from Rey Swimwear– a swimsuit line I love that prides themselves in modest, yet fashionable (oft vintage inspired!) swimwear. Already a fan and repeat customer, I recently signed up to become an affiliate– check out their site here for unique Mom and kid options.

can you even handle it?! adorbs.

Traded in stocking caps for ball caps.


Husband and I are prioritizing a long list of summer projects, including: finishing the fence, expanding and planting the garden, building a tool-shed, planting more trees, and installing a hobbit hill, a fairy garden, and a hammock (see my pinterest page, below). Etc, etc, etc… These lists never really end, do they?

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Here’s hoping Spring is truly here and we can begin work on it all!

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