The Perks of Being Five

Five years ago, a courageous (and obviously beautiful) woman laboriously welcomed a precious bundle into the world– then took drastic, sacrificial measures to preserve his life. Today & always I’m grateful to her, for him, and for the blessing/privilege it is to be his family. Incidentally, I’m also grateful for the freedom to build our family how Husband & I see fit, with as many children as we choose, the ability to provide for their basic needs, and access to quality medical care.

This week we celebrated Little man’s fifth birthday via the simplest backyard BBQ, with the tiniest sprinkling of a Batman theme. Though he still loves all things Star Wars, railroad, and bananas, Batman is his current jam…

Supergirl, Batboy, Wonder Woman
Best Daddy Ever
how Mommy behaves whilst prepping for a party

Because he’s never been a fan of the spotlight, nor pomp and circumstance, we tend to keep festivities quite simple for Little Man’s birthdays. This year that meant just inviting over extended family for a relaxing evening.

gotham city bat-gang

Handsome Husband rocked the grill.

Look– I baked!

I kid. Of course I didn’t. My much older sister made the cake pops.

Since it was hot, and since gluten-free cake often tastes like cardboard, we opted instead for root beer floats for an easy dessert.

mixologist nana

Simplest party favors in the history of ever.

His awesome new Joker shirt– he still loves the dark side.


So just like that our sweet boy’s a year older and birthday season’s officially done for the year… Now to start prepping for Kindergarten!

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