Last week I gave up coffee. Well, caffeine. And deodorant. Which leads to my profession of new-found love for essential oils. A couple adoptive-mamas gifted me with a Doterra set at my recent baby shower for Little Brother, which I had secretly been coveting but didn’t want to spend the money on. (See: Funding An Adoption.) I knew my pseudo-Hippie lifestyle Read More →

Gung hai fat choy!  Last night we rang in the Chinese [Lunar] New Year with friends and a traditional Chinese feast. I intended to snap a photo of the bountiful spread just before we dove in, but we were having too much fun and I didn’t want to be that hostess. (i.e., Myself. These are Read More →

I admit it, I didn’t get it. In 2008, when Smarty-Pants Husband uploaded our Disneyland pics onto a self-hosted web-log to share with family/friends, I audibly scoffed at him. Why did we need a personal website?! We weren’t selling anything! He explained that we could continue to post photos there and journal online, but I Read More →

I was showered by my friends today. I couldn’t resist saying that. My Bozeman Besties all convened for a delightful baby shower in celebration of the arrival of our long-awaited Little Brother. the lovely hosts, the No Book Book Club Hailing from a family whose older generation strongly advocates a one-shower-per-mother policy, regardless of how many Read More →

Though I married a gamer, I naively thought  I was off the hook when I birthed him daughters. I should have known better. Our girls love to play video games. Although I certainly don’t understand the allure, I have always maintained that I’d much rather my children engage in interactive video games where they can Read More →

I used to drive the freeway every day. In much of Oregon, freeway driving is simply a way of life. My daughter’s school was a twenty minute drive southbound on I5, and I made that trek twice daily. If was going shopping, I’d always find the nearest freeway on-ramp to expedite the journey. Being a Read More →

I love my adoptive mom’s support group, I really do. And I’m over-the-moon excited to be so close to bringing Little Brother home, I really am. But I am also acutely aware of the several families in my support group who should have brought their kiddos home before me. Families who are stuck at the Read More →