#TBT: Halloween Edition

tiny tweedle dee & tweedle dum a few years ago (before little man)
geekin’ it up several years back #livelongandprosper

I’m sorry, it’s true: I love Halloween. Judge if you must, but I’m not particularly bothered by the unsolicited opinions of others, anymore.

I don’t care for the dark, scary, evil stuff, nor the questionable backstory, BUT… I so enjoy dressing up the fam and socializing with neighbors. It’s kind of my jam.

We turn costuming into a homeschool project, typically beginning to brainstorm ideas the morning of November 1st for each following year. The kiddos pillage their dress-up bin, the recesses of our closets, and the racks of Goodwill in pursuit of curating the optimal ensembles, emphasis on creativity. (It’s not just Halloween, it’s quite normal for us to dress up for birthdays, school projects, and Awanas– my girls have been Bible Character Dressup Night champs for three years running.)

doesn’t this look straight out of Beetlejuice??
in the spirit of Macklemore
gryffindoor-ing up a .99c goodwill necktie

our sad montana pumpkins never had a chance
isn’t this the greatest idea for a simple yet super-fun fall birthday? the kiddos had fun celebrating our friend & former neighbor

Stay tuned for this year’s costumes, and in the meantime enjoy our…

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