Adoption in a Nutshell (National Adoption Month)

November is “National Adoption Month”, yesterday “Orphan Sunday.” With the aim of spurring additional families to answer the call of the orphan, I figured I’d jump aboard the advocating bandwagon by sharing a highlight reel of sorts here on the blog: Adoption 101. Adoption Cliff’s Notes. Adoption in a Nutshell.

Four years ago this month, Husband and I began our international adoption journey to Little Man and documenting it real-time here on this blog. This was our very first entry (ultimate throwback!), an announcement emailed to family and friends. This was the additional explanation we attached further expressing our hearts for adoption.

Along the way we started a detailed timeline of our notable milestones, for the sake of prospective or in-process families. Specific highlights include our homestudy, our referral/match to our son, our official approval, and the start of our life with him in China. I wrote a series of posts on our adjustment to life as a family of five, wherein we eased him into American culture at a calculated rate. After a full year together we compiled a slideshow of photographs that showcased his remarkable growth.

I’d wholeheartedly encourage any prospective family to consider expanding their family and their love via adoption– and I’d happily address any specific questions here on the blog or privately.

Because, this boy? I can’t even fathom life without him…

playing with his sisters’ madlib book, he asks, “okay, give me a noun”
set himself up an office in the living room

washing his car in november in montana