Libraries, Letters, Lightbulbs, & Love

What do these four L-words have in common? They’re hallmarks of our homeschool. I’m blogging through the alphabet with my online pals and this week we’re on the letter ‘L’.

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In our homeschool, L is for…

Libraries: Our personal home library is sadly still in boxes, but we’ve already explored our new (to us) local library after our big move over the weekend. Frankly, the public library is our favorite homeschool resource– if I was to pay retail for every book that caught my eye I’d blow the budget in a hurry! I always appreciate the opportunity to borrow in lieu of/before buying. Favorite library tip: Check out multiple, identical copies of whichever read-aloud the family’s enjoying together so that readers can follow along.

Letters: Both in the form of the alphabet & phonics for Little Man, as well as regular correspondence to pen-pals for the girls. It’s no secret we are big into snail-mail, as evidenced by our great cross-country postcard project last summer. I feel a similar smug triumph when smuggling spinach into my kids’ smoothies as I do when sneaking grammar, spelling, penmanship, and vocabulary lessons into their social correspondence. Mom win!

finally got our mitts on some wonder woman stamps
postcards to send to pals back in montana
a recent field-trip to the local post office

Lightbulbs: I’m grateful for the front-row seat to all of the “lightbulb moments” that educating at home affords me. This vantage is a privilege that I try not to take for granted.

Love: “All you need is love.” -John Lennon; “God is love.” -the Bible. At the root of our home-educating is a desire to foster deep roots as a family. At the core is relationship and love. As I was reminded over the weekend while traveling 700+ miles with my stepmother, one day these kids will be my peers– it’d be great if we were friends.


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