As my Firstborn baby’s 11th birthday is this week, it seems only fitting that the content of this blog be devoted to her/her passions. In tribute, consider linking arms with her in her latest endeavor, thereby granting her birthday wish… Firstborn is a full-fledged, borderline obsessed manatee fanatic. She comes by it naturally. Manatees clearly her spirit animal, she aspires to work Read More →

Thanks to a certain literary box-set gifted to the kidlets this past Christmas, discussions around our dinner table of late have been as follows: “Do you think I might receive a Hogwarts letter on my 11th birthday, this month?” “Which Hogwarts house would the sorting hat place me in?” (Husband & Little Man: Ravenclaw, Firstborn: Slytherin, Read More →

By nature, I generally view things as either black or white, good or bad. I’m a rule follower. Still, I recognize that sometimes rules can be archaic, nonsensical… rubbish. Just because one has a general respect for rules need not mean they switch their brains off entirely, coasting on auto-pilot and blindly accepting arbitrary mandates as Gospel. Take, Read More →

Whether I’m raising future farmers, veterinarians, crazy cat ladies, or marine biologists, I couldn’t be certain– nevertheless, I’m an ethusiastic proponent of pets in the classroom. No matter that our classroom is square in our home. We learn a lot from the menagerie of critters who live in/around this funny farm, both wild and domestic. I’m channeling my Read More →

He is risen! Today is Resurrection Sunday… aka Easter. We’re celebrating simply, Old Testament style, with worship and feasting. Holiday decor in our house is generally as simple as a themed package of window clings for the kiddos to paw all over the sliding glass doors… … but the sacrifice of our Savior warrants at least the resurrection-themed Read More →

Not that kind of holiday, though a girl can dream. In lieu of an extended tour of the Emerald Isle, my family will settle for a simple St. Patrick’s Day, stateside. Though a humble, minor holiday, it remains one of my faves to celebrate because: Bagpipes make me weep. Red hair and freckles are the dynamic Read More →

I never set out to be a real homeschooler. That is, not a “lifer“. It took four years to muster the courage to homeschool for a season, for a reason. That reason: Little Man. With hope of fostering true attachment after adopting him from China, we pulled our girls from traditional school to bond as a family of Read More →