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I’m blogging through the alphabet with fellow homeschoolers online; this week we’re on the letter Y. In our homeschool, Y is for Yarn

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My girls are addicted to yarn. It’s a fixture in our homeschool as they’re forever knitting or crocheting in their spare time. (Keeping their hands busy helps them to focus on oral lessons or read-aloud’s, and is a go-to for brain-breaks between meatier teaching.) They’re able to craft all kinds of scarves and other lovelies– which is more than I can say for myself, I’m afraid.

I brokered the knitting & crocheting lessons out to grandparents, including our late Grandma Norah. Now the girls can not only boast in a skill that their mother utterly lacks, but also recall fond memories of loved ones patiently passing on the trade. I suppose it skips a generation? 

It astounds me, actually. Just last week they submitted Lego creations to the county fair —their first time— but I think next year I’ll encourage them to submit one of their yarn handicrafts, as well.

3nd place Holland lop
2nd place mermaid!

I love that they can craft practical objects with their own two hands. If only we kept a flock of sheep, they could harvest wool and spin it into yarn– then we’d really be crafty! Y is for Yarn.

(a few of firstborn’s recent creations)


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