Homeschool A to Z (a compilation)

I’ve been blogging through the alphabet with several online homeschool chums since Spring.

They’re at it all over again this Fall, but that gives me the perfect opportunity to wrap up my own alphabet (we were a tad late to the party) of twenty-six defining virtues of our homeschool. Here’s what I came up with:

A is for… Adventure. We love it, and strive to seek it in even the most mundane of activities. It’s an attitude, not a destination. Check out our adventures here.

Adoption. Adoption shaped our family and started this blog. We were blessed to gain a son through international adoption, but we were also blessed to have been adopted into God’s family. Read our adoption story here.

The A-team. Everyone in the family except moi has a name that starts with the letter A. Thusly, I’m Captain of the A-Team. There are A’s all over our house.

Amazing Grace. We simply could not homeschool without abundant daily grace from God and to each other. It’s hard as heck, and we goof it every single day.

B is for Books 

C is for Celebration

D is for Dress-up

E is for Energy & Encouragement

F is for Forest

G is for Mardi Gras

H is for 4-H

I is for Instrumental Music

J is for Journaling

K is for Kinesthetic learning

L is for Letters, Libraries, Lightbulbs, & Love

M is for Museums

N is for the Art of Neighboring

O is for the Great Outdoors

P is for Parks, Pets, & Play

Q is for Quiet Time

R is for our Radical Ranch Remodel

S is for Suburbia

T is for Travel

U is for Understanding

V is for Volcanos

W is for We the People

X is for eXtracurricular Activity

Y is for Yarn

Z is for Zoology


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