Blogging Through the Alphabet (Q is for Quiet Time)

Homeschoolers near and far are blogging through the alphabet, one letter per week. This week we’re on the letter Q… and in our homeschool, Q is for Quiet Time.

I attempt to build quiet-time* into each and every one of our homeschool days– brain breaks, if you will. In my mind, if we’re too busy for at least a small daily dose of quiet time, then we’re simply just too busy.

Three kids, two cats, two guinea pigs, two bunnies, a husband working from home, and a dorky mom/teacher can cause quite a cacophonous commotion. I’m grateful that educating at home affords us the opportunity to have pockets of peace, quiet, and solitude in the amidst of our studies and daily bustle.

Quiet time is usually synonymous with “free independent time” around here, wherein the kiddos can choose to read, write, color, complete a puzzle, play Legos, or craft. Sometimes they opt to bake, take a walk, video-game, or take a relaxing mermaid bath. Whatever their fancy, I believe it’s critical for their brain development and allows them to stop and smell the metaphorical roses. And let’s be honest, this weary mama needs it just as much as the kiddos!

*To be clear, quiet time isn’t ever entirely SILENT… though a mom can dream. 😉

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