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I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time & Hopkins Homeschool, and all the way to the letter X. In our homeschool X is for eXtracurricular activities.

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I love busting stereotypes. Before pitying what one might suspect to be sullen, sedate, unsocialized pupils, consider how we round out our homeschooling efforts with a regular cornucopia of enrichment activities beyond our four walls. Collectively, my trio’s participated in choir, band, piano, flute, theatre, Awana, 4-H, soccer, t-ball, horseback riding, typing, coding, sewing, gymnastics, swimming, art, speech, ice-skating, and general PE & music classes since beginning our homeschool journey nearly five years ago.

I’m already devising a schedule of extracurricular activities for next year… Perhaps Center Sister will start lessons with her new birthday harmonica from Nana. I’d love to get Firstborn into more performing arts. Super-hero loving Little Man would be a natural at karate. I’m grateful to homeschool for the flexibility to sample many of these interest-led “extras” ala carte without sacrifice to core studies.


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