The Proper Care & Feeding of Homeschool Moms

Alongside some online pals I admire, I’m blogging through the alphabet– this week we’re focused on the letter E. In our homeschool, E is for Energy & Encouragement.

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I’m not one to mince words IRL, so I’ll also refrain from doing so here on the blog… Here’s a hearty truth-bomb: Homeschooling is HARD. Fruitful? Yes. Worthwhile? Yes. Easy? Heck to the NO.

Educating at home is a sacrifice of time, money (public tuition is free plus if I wasn’t teaching I could be working/earning more), and energy. The wear’s visible on me from our five short years together, but that’s merely another sacrifice.

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Overall, I’m grateful for the freedom to choose how best to educate my kids and don’t take that privilege lightly. So the question remains, when one’s endlessly pouring into her children, how does she then ensure her own needs are met? Hint: It takes energy and encouragement.

Partnership: I simply couldn’t homeschool without the physical and emotional support and encouragement of my amazing husband. Beyond funding our shenanigans and tolerating the never-ceasing cacophony and rubble of science experiments strewn throughout our home, he oversees all mathematical (Bless.) and technological studies, and works from home amid the chaos taking breaks to moonlight as our resident cafeteria-lady. When I’m pulled multiple directions yet still lack omnipresence, he steps in to pilot the carpool or set up a satellite office at the indoor soccer arena.

Mom Squad: Sweet friends near and far in the trenches alongside me, spurring me on with regular inspiration & encouragement– some intentional and some inadvertent. We field trip together, share resources and curriculum recommends, commiserate via text, socialize our children (snort), and/or maintain pen-pal correspondence betwixt our pupils.

Podcasts: The following cheerleaders encourage, motivate, and inspire me whenever I’m sitting in the car waiting out piano or choir lessons, folding laundry, or taking a bath— Brave Writer, The Simple Show, Homeschool Solutions Show, For the Love, The Next Right Thing, & Read-Aloud Revival. They’re like my personal, empowering pep-squad that’s always got my back and keeps me grounded.

What about you? What replenishes your energy & who’s your best encourager?

when all else fails, let us eat cake

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